Welcome to Beyond The Bar Exam! This is a brand new series designed to highlight all the amazing things that our Vinco alum are doing now that they’ve passed the bar exam and moved on with their careers.

We are so very proud of our alum and extremely excited to share their stories. We hope that this series serves as inspiration for others on their journey to get beyond the bar exam as well.

Our first five episodes are Beyond The Bar Exam: Entrepreneur Edition where we catch up with some of our former students who now run their own businesses.

In Episode 01 we interview Miriam Lacroix, Esq. In addition to being Vinco’s very first student, Miriam is also a bar exam coach, law professor, and the founder of Lacroix Law, P.C. where she provides immigrants peace of mind as they navigate the legal system. In this interview, Miriam shares her bar exam journey, her best bar prep advice, her career path, advice for students who want to open their own firm one day, and much more! So get your pen and notebook ready and let’s get started.

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